101-Day Money Back Guarantee--Learn More

So here’s how to claim your money-back guarantee:
  1. To be able to claim a refund, you must have purchased a pair of Da Vinci sunglasses from our official  www.davincisunglasses.com

     store between 1am CST 1 January, 2019 and 11:59pm CST 31 December, 2021 and must have provided your email which will allow us to track your purchase within our system.

  2. Within ten (10) days of your order having been received by you, send us a blank email with the subject header "101-Day Money Back Guarantee" to sales@davincisunglasses.com.  Our "10-day After Receipt of Order" meter will start running at the moment we receive delivery confirmation so PLEASE remember to send us that email within 10 days in order to stop that meter and start our "101 Day" meter.
  3. As stated above, once we receive your email our "101-Day" meter will start running.  Again, PLEASE remember that we must receive your email within 10 days after your order has been received in order to start your 101-day guarantee.
  4. Try our sunglasses for at least 60 days from date of purchase but for not more than 101 days.
  5. If you are NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED with our sunglasses then send us an email VIA THE ORIGINAL EMAIL CHAIN (item 1 above) and ask for your money back.
  6. Once we review and approve your request we will send you a shipping label that includes the information that we need to track your package.  YOU MUST use that shipping label and return the sunglasses in their original packaging within 101 days from date of purchase to the address shown on the shipping label.
  7. Please note that incomplete, indecipherable, or illegible claims will be considered invalid.
  8. Shipping costs for the return of our sunglasses are our responsibility (continental United States ONLY).  Original product shipping costs (which of course within the continental United States will be ZERO) will not be refunded.
  9. Once returned and accepted by us your full sunglasses purchase price less original shipping costs (which of course will also be ZERO) will be refunded to you.